SChristian Connection Fair 1-16-2021

SC Christian Fair participating groups and Zoom rooms, 1/16/2021, 5-6:30 pm PT.  Feel free to drop in and out of these Zoom rooms to get acquainted with as many of the clubs as you wish! 

For help in navigating which clubs might be right for you, contact Rev. Jim Burklo, Sr Associate Dean of Religious and Spiritual Life.

To see the list of all of our Christian clubs, click HERE.


Evangelical or “Non-Denominational” Protestant Christian (listed by type of ministry):

      National Parachurch Campus Ministries (multi-ethnic):

Reformed University Fellowship:

Young Life: 

InterVarsity Trojan Christian Fellowship:

Christian Challenge:

Cru – Campus Crusade for Christ:

Alpha Omega:

     Local Church-Based Ministries:

Acts2 Fellowship:

Shepherds Club:

In Christ Alone:

SC Missions Team:

Grace on Campus:

South LA Christian Life:


     International Students:

World Wide Friends:

      Ethnic specific:

KCA Korean Christian Association:


Asian American Christian Fellowship:

Soon Movement (Korean):

Black Campus Ministries – InterVarsity:



InterVarsity Graduate Christian Fellowship:

Health Sciences Campus, InterVarsity Graduate Christian Fellowship:

Catholic  (Roman)

Caruso Catholic Center:

Progressive (Liberal Protestant)

Progressive Christians:

Christian Science

Christian Science Club:

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