Reservation Policies

Reservation Guidelines

  • Only recognized student religious organizations can request rooms.
  • No one-time reservations are to be made in the Religious Center on Football Saturdays.
  • The Deans of Religious Life reserve the right to cancel or modify existing reservations at any time.  This may occur due to special events sponsored by the ORL.
  • Liability issues require that use of the kitchen be limited to refrigerator use, microwave use, and heating items in the oven. Any other use, such as stovetop cooking and barbecuing or the use of electrical appliances for frying are only allowed with prior approval.
  • Each group is allowed to have no more than 3 hours of weekly semester reservation time per week (a primary reservation). Use of additional time per week (a secondary reservation) is permitted if space is available, but no more than 3 hours in any day. Such secondary reservations can be cancelled if other groups need the space.
  • If your group wants a weekly or one-time room reservation in a space that is reserved by another group which has more than one reservation per week, you are encouraged to ask for that reservation slot by emailing
  • Failure to show up for a scheduled reservation may result in the loss of reservation privileges.
  • Groups that serve a significant number of non-USC students/staff may be subject to charges for room use.

URC Key Policy

If a key is required, ORL staff will issue you one during business hours (9am-5pm, Mon.-Thurs. and 9am-4pm on Fri.) immediately prior to your event. A $20 cash deposit is required to receive the key. If the key is lost or stolen, the deposit will not be refunded. The key must be returned on the appointed day (usually the business day following the last day of your event). Semester key loans adhere to the same fee schedule and are available for groups with a semester reservation.

Rules for Reserved Area Usage

Organizations must obey the following rules while using their reserved space unless otherwise instructed.

  • All furnishings must be returned to their original order.
  • All trash must be disposed of properly (large trash should go in the large trash cans in the patio).
  • The room should be left clean.
  • Food may not be kept in the refrigerator overnight. Anything left more than 24 hours in the kitchen will be discarded.  Dry food items must be in sealed containers, clearly marked with the name of the group, and can be stored in the kitchen only with permission of the ORSL.
  • All cooking/serving equipment left in the kitchen can be used by any group with a kitchen reservation but must be left clean and put in its proper place after use.  All such equipment left in the kitchen becomes the property of the ORSL.
  • Re-heating ONLY, is allowed in the kitchen. No major cooking, frying or barbecuing.
  • If any part of the area is damaged, and can not be immediately cleaned or repaired, please notify the ORSL in person (or, if not during business hours, via email or voice mail). Your group may be fined for facility damage.
  • Groups may not serve alcohol at any time.
  • Smoking is not permitted anywhere inside the URC or elsewhere on campus.
  • There are tables located in Room 108 which may be moved outside with the permission of the ORL Front Desk Coordinator.
  • Any tables moved from a room must be returned to that same room before the end of a groups reservation time.
  • Projectors are available for use by organizations with reservations in the URC. If you wish to reserve these, you must obtain special permission from the ORSL Front Desk Coordinator.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Front Desk Coordinator (URC 106) at If your concern is urgent, call the Office of Religious & Spiritual Life at (213) 740-6110.