Residential Life: Living Your Faith

While the floors are open to all students the Reilgion & Spirituality floor offers students a safe space to explore beliefs with their peers. The floor is comprised of two adjoining wings of two-person apartments, all with individual kitchens and bathrooms. This allows students to keep Halal or Kosher, if they wish, and space if the student plans to use their room for prayer. The floor is open to all grade levels (from first-year to graduate students) and cultural backgrounds.

The Office of Religious Life supports the Residential Education staff of the floor by providing resources for religiously themed programs, speakers and faculty members for floor events/discussions, and advocacy for the issues that matter most to the students. ORL also encourages floor collaboration with the many religious, spiritual and ethical organizations on and near campus.

The Religion & Spirituality floor prides itself for being one of the few religiously-themed special interest floors in the nation.

If you are interested in learning more about the floor and how to apply please contact the Office of Religious Life at

Muslim Housing in Parkside Apartments

USC’s Muslim Housing provides a venue for the exploration of Muslim culture and Muslim life. Muslim Housing units are designated as substance-free and have individual kitchens that enable residents to prepare halal food and share Islamic holidays with friends. Through conferences and social activities held with USC Muslim organizations, you will learn how Islam relates to other faiths.

SChalom (Jewish) Housing in Parkside Apartments

SChalom Housing gives you the opportunity to live with Jewish students, explore Jewish culture and connect with the Jewish community. If you keep kosher, you’ll be especially pleased that the apartments have individual kitchens. USC Jewish organizations also help bring Jewish cultural and religious activities to the floor