The “Boys and Girls Club X USC” is a partnership organization established just this year, our organization was created in response to a need to grow USC’s relationship with our local Boys and Girls Club, the Challenger Club.

With 4,300 Clubs nation-wide, the Boys and Girls Club inspires nearly 4 million young people to reach their full potentialactors, athletes, performers, musicians, business leaders, doctors, lawyers, and government officials, the inspiration and opportunity this club creates for young people is unparalleled. 

For many years, USC has partnered with The Boys and Girls Club, but our relationship has never been formalized to create easy access for student involvement. We have formed this student organization to make a positive difference in the city of Los Angeles by facilitating meaningful connections that will last a lifetime. Through creative programming, active involvement, and authentic partnerships, we seek to support the Boys and Girls Club mission: “To enable all young people, especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens.” 

Volunteering is not only an incredible way to give back, but it helps to maintain purpose in this time of uncertainty. (Opportunities List). 

 Making Connections

  • Club members
  • Fellow USC Students 
  • Partnership with Fender (post Covid restrictions)
  • Provide guitars and fender musicians (post Covid restrictions)
  • Building your Resume
  • Build your own skills teaching, leadership, presenting, mentoring 
  • Resume builder: Service hours