John Book

Director of the Los Angeles Bridges International Team

John Book, is the Director of the Los Angeles Bridges International team at University of Southern California.

John grew up in the Bay Area but moved to Southern California to attend UCLA.  Since graduating college, John has been a campus minister in Southern California for 25 years.  During the first part of his campus ministry career, he earned his M.Div from Talbot School of Theology.  While taking classes part-time with a young family and busy ministry, John likes to say that he crammed a 3 year degree into 9 years!  John also earned his Th.M. and is finishing his Ph.D. in theology at Southern Seminary.

John is married to Ramie and they have 3 kids: Katie (22), Brennan (19), and Josh (16).  When he’s not spending time with his family, undergrad. and grad. students, or studying, John enjoys water sports of all kinds including swimming, surfing, and most recently he can be seen flying above the surface of the ocean on his efoil!