Sreejith Periyadath

Director of Heartfulness Meditation

Sreejith Periyadath, is the Director of Heartfulness Meditation at USC, and is a certified Heartfulness trainer and has been practicing meditation for about 15 years.

Having experienced the immense benefit of Heartfulness meditation, he aspires for everyone to explore and experience meditation for their physical, mental and inner well-being.

Facing daily challenges from the place of balance and stillness within ourselves is the best way to avoid stress and achieve mental health. We struggle in today’s world to bring balance to life. In his experience, the inner condition created by the simple yet effective meditation practice, helps him balance between job, family, meditation practice and training. He is convinced that Heartfulness makes it possible for everyone to bring joy to life. He is amazed at the immense potential of the heart in nourishing our life with love, courage, peace, and wisdom. He sincerely hopes for everyone to bring heart into their daily life and to experience how it transforms their life.