An initiative to encourage closer relationships and greater conviviality at USC

Virtual Campfire

Every Thursday @ 12 Pacific

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You are invited to gather round as we create a space to be with each other as we are, ask questions and slow down to hear ourselves… come sit around the fire with Cat Moore, ORSL Director of Belonging, and Rev. Jim Burklo, Sr Associate Dean of ORSL.  Every “campfire”, we’ll pose a new question to ponder together.

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for students/staff at USC


Led by Rev. Jim Burklo, Sr Associate Dean, Office of Religious and Spiritual Life

and Cat Moore, Director of Belonging, ORSL

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Nighttime dreams are portals into the realms of the unconscious mind.  And a lot of us are dreaming richly these days!  Paying attention to them brings us to a higher level of consciousness, and can give profound guidance for our lives.  In this peer dream analysis “campfire”, participants are asked to keep a dream journal and to maintain confidentiality about what is shared in the group.  Format:  The first person shares a dream.  Questions (not comments) for dreamer – from anyone.  Then 3 min of silent mindful meditation on the dream.  Then, around the campfire circle, each person answers:  “If it were my dream, this is the significance it would have for me….” – then others ask that person questions.  When circle is complete, first dreamer reflects on responses of the others.  Next dreamer shares a dream…. Any questions, contact Rev. Jim Burklo, –

CLICK!  Making Meaningful Relationships 

A free non-credit course for all students –  5 sessions

In this 5 week non-credit course open to all USC students, we’ll learn to CLICK —a hyper- contextual process of nurturing the relationships with ourselves and each other that promotes thriving at USC and beyond. In a discussion-driven small group, we will practice connecting strategies and use our own experiences to explore our social relationships.

Specifically, we will become more aware of our:

  • Connecting stories
  • Vision for our relationships
  • Strengths and obstacles in connecting
  • Practices and habits that cultivate connection
  • Potential to connect through our current spaces, networks, and schedules
  • Come craft your empowered relational action plan this semester as we learn to CLICK.

Location and Time: Tuesdays, 12:30pm-2:00pm Pacific Time, online

Campfire staff - Isaac, Cat & Jim

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