Room Reservations

Rooms at the University Religious Center are available for reservation by religious, spiritual and philosophical groups who have been recognized by USC’s Campus Activities and Office of Religious & Spiritual Life. Please request a booking (single day reservations only) at least one week prior to the desired reservation date.  Weekly reservations must be re-submitted every semester. You should receive a response within 3 business days.

Room Reservation Policies

Step One: Check room availability


Step Two: Submit a room reservation request

Make a Room Reservation

15 or fewer people

  • 106F: Student Lounge (seats 10) – Only available after 5:00 PM
  • 201B: Meeting Room (seats 6)
  • 203C: Meeting Room (seats 6)

16 – 30 people

  • 102: Meeting Room – has tables (seats 20)
  • 201C: Meeting Room  (seats 18)
  • 202A: Hindu Prayer Space – Hindu organizations get first priority but other groups can also use it as available. (seats 18)
  • 202:  Native American Student Union – NASU gets first priority but others can also reserve the space. Meditation cushions and piano (seats 25)
  • 203: California Lounge Meeting Room – piano (seats 25)
  • 205: Meeting Room (seats 30)

Over 30 people

  • 104: Meeting Room (seats 45)
  • 107:  Kitchen (connected to 108)
  • 108: Dining/Meeting Room (seats 45)
  • Thomas J. Kilgore Chapel of the Cross – for use by Christian clubs. Open 7am – 12pm, Monday – Friday for individual and small group devotional and prayer time. Available for reservations at all other times. Check Kilgore Chapel availability (seats 40)
  • The Fishbowl (seats 60)

Other Spaces

  • Courtyard of University Religious Center (50 – 75 standing)
  • The Little Chapel of Silence (connected to Town & Gown – maximum 25 people)

If you have any questions please email