Hindu Student Organizations

Hindu Student Organization

Director:  Swami Atmavidyananda
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The Hindu Student Organization serves to foster awareness about Hinduism and encourages those interested to explore the religion in a manner that allows individuality, spirituality, and tradition to coalesce. It sponsors annual Diwali and Holi celebrations, pujas, guest speakers, discussions, and trips to local temples. The Swamis are available for individual spiritual guidance.

Hindu YUVA

Contact: hinduusc@usc.edu

Hindu YUVA is a non-sectarian Hindu organization focusing on all aspects of Hinduism. Hindu YUVA aims to provide a platform to preserve, practice, protect and promote “Hindu Dharma” (Hindu way of life) by bringing together Hindu Youth. Our goals include:
  • Creating opportunities to practice Hindu Dharma or Hindu way of life.
  • Conducting regular activities geared towards physical, intellectual, and spiritual development. 
  • Doing service activities in and around campus to benefit the local community. 
  • Develop a welcoming, friendly and open atmosphere to nurture positive thoughts and actions.
  • Gain knowledge by immersing ourselves in firsthand experience through regular and consistent practice.
  • Strive to foster and cultivate harmony between campus community members of different faiths.