Divination Practice Group at USC

Divination Practice Group flyer

Welcome to the Divination Practice Group at the University of Southern California! 

A collaborative and inclusive space, this group aims to explore a range of divination methods and their origins, including geomancy, scrying, rune casting, dream interpretation, astrology, pallomancy, tarot/oracle, numerology, and beyond.

The group is co-led by participants. Each month, individuals have the opportunity to share and guide the group through their favorite divination practices. This allows for a variety of methods to be explored, and all voices to be heard.

Whether you’re a seasoned divination practitioner or a curious beginner, join us to deepen your understanding of these age-old spiritual practices.

Who Should Attend:

  • Anyone seeking a welcoming spiritual community
  • Anyone interested in broadening their spiritual horizons
  • Anyone curious about divination practices

Third Thursdays, 4:30-6:00 pm, URC 102

  • Fall 2023: Sept 21 (geomancy), Oct 19 (rune casting), Nov 16 (pendulum scrying)
  • Spring 2024:  Feb 15 (tarot), Mar 21 (sigil magic), Apr 18 (magpie oracle)


For more info: Robin Mitchell Stroud