Whether you’re:

  • New to campus and looking for personalized ways of getting meaningfully connected

  • Trying to overcome loneliness, shyness, self-doubt + other kinds of social adversity

  • Super curious in general about all things wellness, resilience, connection, and belonging

  • Or devoted to creating a culture of belonging for your peers and the wider world…

You’re in the right place!


An initiative to encourage closer relationships and greater conviviality at USC


Cat meets 1-on-1 with students to support their unique social journey at USC and beyond. Schedule a Cat Chat in person Tuesdays 12-3p or remotely W-F 12-5p. cat’s suggested lists

belonging experiences at USC: 



  • Walk + Talk

  • Chat + Chew

  • Campfires

  • Friendship Tree

  • Who am I becoming?

  • Coming Soon: Story, Snack + Nap!

Learn more by contacting Cat Moore, ORSL’s Director of Belonging, at

12 Common Questions: If you’re asking these, you’re not alone! Come chat about the specifics…

  1. How long does it usually take to ‘make a friend,’ ‘find my community’ or feel like I belong?

  1. What do I say to break the ice with people in class, my dorm, at the cafeteria, etc?

  2. How do I get my social media or group text connections to “spill” into hanging out?

  3. How do I get the conversation from small talk into meaningful conversation? 

  4. How can I become more authentic with the people I’m around?

  5. How do I know which groups to really invest in to make it feel like I have a core community?

  6. How can I tell if someone really wants to talk to me or is just being nice or wanting something from me?

  7. How do I schedule social time to build and maintain my friendships?

  8. What do I do if I’m an introvert, shy or have social anxiety?

  9. How do I find motivation to keep trying with someone if they never initiate with me?

  10. How do I befriend myself and make time to be alone in a positive way?

  11. How do I stay in touch with family, friends from home, while still making new connections?


“The Tree and Me.”

How Cat Moore, Director of Belonging embraced the power of trees to help endure during social isolation. By FEB 19, 2021

“Once desperately shy USC Dornsife alumna is now the university’s director of belonging.”

“Cat Moore ’05 long suffered appalling loneliness until she cracked how to create meaningful relationships. Now she helps USC students overcome the challenges and isolation caused by the pandemic by showing them how to do the same.” Continue reading… 

For Staff + Faculty:
Cat often meets with staff and faculty to brainstorm ways to foster a sense of belonging through their current programming, roles and spaces. Reach out for a chat! 
For Parents: 
We’re developing a resource sheet for parents interested in supporting their student’s social journey. For crisis concerns, please reach out to Campus Crisis & Intervention:
Tutor Campus Center, TCC Suite 421
Los Angeles, CA 90089