Respecting Faith, Empowering Students: Our commitment to religious accommodations fosters an environment of understanding and supports students in their academic journey

University Policies

Observance of Holy Days

At USC, we deeply respect and understand the vital role that religious observance plays in the lives of many of our students. Upholding an environment that supports religious freedom and inclusivity is at the heart of our community. In recognition of this importance, university policy grants students excused absences from class for the observance of religious holy days. We realize that this observance can be an essential aspect of a student’s identity and personal journey, and we’re committed to providing an accommodating academic environment.

To Request an Accommodation

Complete the Request for Religious Accommodation Form and share it with the individual or office specified on the form as soon as possible. It’s best to request religious accommodation as soon as possible to allow adequate time for the university to make necessary arrangements. For students, we recommend requesting accommodation from your professor at the beginning of the semester. For employees, university policy requires giving managers at least 30 days notice prior to the holiday. For everyone, the sooner the better!

If you have any questions, require further clarification, or need additional guidance, please reach out to the Office of Religious and Spiritual Life at 213-740-6110 or