Sacred Feminine Collective at USC

Hecuba's Wisdom flyer

Welcome to Hecuba’s Wisdom, a sacred feminine collective at USC!

Join our monthly meetings to explore the sacred feminine across diverse religious, spiritual, and secular traditions.

Be part of a welcoming community that celebrates the sacred feminine within everyone.

Whether you’re new to the concept or have long embraced its power, we invite you to discover the wisdom of the sacred feminine for yourself.

The collective meets from 6:30-7:30 pm in URC 202-B (835 W 34th St).

Fall 2023: Sep 18, Oct 16
Spring 2024: Feb 26, Mar 18

For more information, contact Robin Mitchell Stroud.

Why Hecuba’s Wisdom?

The name was inspired by the sculpture of Hecuba, located in the central piazza of USC Village, which celebrates the women of Troy. A fun fact – Hecuba’s facial features were blended by sculptor Christopher Slatoff to evoke a common humanity.

Hecuba, the legendary queen of Troy in Greek mythology, serves as a representation of the sacred feminine. While Greek mythology is primarily associated with a pantheon of gods, Hecuba stands out as one of the few prominent female figures who play a significant role in the stories.

As a queen and mother, she embodies qualities often associated with the sacred feminine, such as nurturing, wisdom, and resilience. Hecuba is known for her love and protection of her children, especially during the events of the Trojan War.

Her experiences also encompass tragedy and loss, making her a symbol of endurance and strength in the face of adversity. Moreover, Hecuba’s story is intertwined with the themes of femininity and the complexities of power and vulnerability, highlighting her multifaceted nature.

Hecuba’s significance in Greek mythology makes her a figure worth exploring within the context of the sacred feminine and the diverse representations of feminine energies across different cultures and traditions.