An initiative to encourage closer relationships and greater conviviality at USC

Play this CAMPFIRE VIDEO when you are doing “icebreakers” or personal sharing in your class or club or event at USC!  Spread the “meme” as a way of encouraging deeper sharing and connection on campus….


QUESTIONS to ask in conversations, one-to-one and in classes or groups – intended to move from acquaintance to deeper friendship

HOW TO LIGHT A CAMPFIRE – how to create the conditions for deeper friendship and community to emerge

Gratitude Deck – a guide to practicing gratitude daily

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CLICK!  Making Meaningful Relationships 

A free non-credit course for all students –  5 sessions – Spring 2021

In this 5 week non-credit course open to all USC students, we’ll learn to CLICK —a hyper- contextual process of nurturing the relationships with ourselves and each other that promotes thriving at USC and beyond. In a discussion-driven small group, we will practice connecting strategies and use our own experiences to explore our social relationships.

Specifically, we will become more aware of our:

  • Connecting stories
  • Vision for our relationships
  • Strengths and obstacles in connecting
  • Practices and habits that cultivate connection
  • Potential to connect through our current spaces, networks, and schedules
  • Come craft your empowered relational action plan this semester as we learn to CLICK.



“The Tree and Me.”

How Cat Moore, Director of Belonging embraced the power of trees to help endure during social isolation. By FEB 19, 2021



“Once desperately shy USC Dornsife alumna is now the university’s director of belonging.”

“Cat Moore ’05 long suffered appalling loneliness until she cracked how to create meaningful relationships. Now she helps USC students overcome the challenges and isolation caused by the pandemic by showing them how to do the same.” Continue reading…