Muslim Student Union

Religious Director: Jibreel Speight
Facebook Group: USC Muslim Student Union

The Muslim Student Union at USC has the primary focus of providing a strong Muslim community to the undergraduate and graduate students on the USC campus. Our aim is to educate both Muslims and non-Muslims about Islam, promote Islamic ideals, and help the underprivileged in the local community and abroad. Furthermore, the MSU aims to foster an active, interconnected Muslim community at the University of Southern California. We hold many events, both religious and social, to provide unique experiences grounded in faith. Our weekly events include Arabic classes on Mondays, Halaqah’s on Tuesday with our chaplain Sheikh Jibreel Speight, Tajweed classes on Wednesdays, and student-led activities on Thursdays. We hold many more events throughout the semester as well. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram (@usc.msu), or online at


Jibreel Speight, our Director of Muslim Life, is an Islamic seminary instructor at the Institute of Knowledge who strives to offer spiritual care, support and education relying on Islamic tradition and literacy as his basis.

Jibreel lived in the holy city of Mecca, which is located in the western part of modern day Saudi Arabia for nearly 20 years earning degrees in Judicature and Islamic Legal Theory. During his final six years, he was a lecturer at Effat University in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia teaching Islamic Ethics, Contemporary Islamic Thought, Community Building & Social Change, and Intercultural Communication. It was during this time wherein he truly appreciated the value of instruction, chaplaincy and their profound impact in the lives of both students and faculty: the need to apply the Prophetic teachings of being an effective teacher showing empathy, respect, and nurturing.

Jibreel enjoys reading, hiking, cycling, and simple yet delicious meals.