Ratio Christi

Student President:  Annalise Rosik

The mission is to equip university students and faculty to give historical, philosophical, and scientific reasons for following Jesus Christ. The purpose of this Ratio Christi Chapter is to cultivate the intellectual voice of Christ and the Christian worldview at the university, and to do this by encouraging stimulating dialogue and intellectual investigation which aid in answering life’s pressing questions, especially where those questions find their answers supported by the academic disciplines of study including but not limited to: culture, history, science, philosophy, and theology. The goal will be to foster critical thinking, the use of logic, and evidential and philosophical tools in the pursuit of truth in understanding the world and religious beliefs. The Chapter will encourage and strengthen the faith of Christian students and faculty while sharing Christ’s message and love with those who have not yet accepted Him. Ratio Christi intends not to compete with other ministries, but it instead seeks to serve and support other ministries. The Chapter will exist as an asset for all by facilitating amicable discussions around worldview matters while taking into account the plethora of diverse paradigms and backgrounds found at the University.