Affiliated with ReJOYce in Jesus Ministries Inc.
University Advisor: Linda Wootton

ReJOYce in Jesus Campus Fellowship seeks to help students develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, placing Jesus at the center of their lives and of their weekly fellowship on campus. Meetings focus on hearing God’s Word from the Bible, and seeking principles from the Bible to guide everyday life.

Linda Wootton serves as the university advisor to ReJOYce in Jesus Campus Fellowship.

Linda has been a Bible study teacher at USC for more than 30 years. She also works at the USC department of religion assisting graduate students and providing administrative support to the faculty.

As an active member of ReJOYce in Jesus Ministries, she has spent many years leading various prayer groups and mentoring young adults as they seek to live out their faith in their everyday lives. Our campus fellowship teaches students how to cultivate a meaningful relationship with Jesus Christ through praise and worship, prayer, and Bible study.

She is a transplant from Arizona who enjoys living in Southern California, spending time with her family, and gardening in her free time.