Angad Singh

Sikh Chaplain


Angad Singh, in 2012 became the Sikh Chaplain here at USC and works with the Sikh Student Association.

He is very active in the Sikh community both locally and nationally. He is a board member of the nonprofit organization United Sikh Movement and is the creator and coordinator of its international Gurbani Study program (the Sikh version of Bible Study).

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Angad is a practicing tax attorney specializing in real estate and nonprofits. After graduating from USC in 2012, Angad earned his J.D. from the UCLA School of Law and his Tax LLM degree from Loyola Law School. He can be reached at

Angad is also a Sunday school teacher at the Sikh School of Los Angeles and the Executive Director of Gurmat Sangeet Collection, a nonprofit organization focused on preserving and promoting traditional Sikh Kirtan (hymn singing).