Jaya Chaitanya Das

DasJaya2019Jaya Chaitanya Das, is the Director of the Bhakti Club at the University of Southern California.

Jay started his career as a music producer for Rukus Avenue Records, where he fused traditional eastern instrumentation with American radio.

After discovering the healing power of meditation, JC became a music therapist for children with autism and related spectrum disorders. In 2013, JC traded in the music business to live with other monks, and trained at a monastery to fully dedicate himself to the practice of meditation. After travelling around India and the U.S. for several years, JC settled in Los Angeles where he launched meditation programs at local universities and served as an Interfaith Chaplain for the University of Southern California. During his time at USC, JC counseled college students struggling with anxiety and depression, and helped create community-based gatherings with mindfulness workshops. JC is a public speaker on mindfulness, and has presented at international conferences, universities, monasteries, elementary schools, yoga studios, and festivals.