Director: Nicole 
Student Leader: Dylan Lange

The ministry to USC athletes of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship.

Athletes InterVarsity is a multi-ethnic campus ministry specifically created for Athletes. Our vision is to see athletes and coaches transformed, collegiate athletics renewed, and world changers developed. Collegiate athletes often endure unique pressures and expectations unlike other student groups, yet they often have more influence. Through team bible studies, prayer nights, retreats on Catalina island, national conferences, and more, we equip athletes to grow spiritually, mentally, and emotionally in order to navigate the challenges they face.

Athletes InterVarsity also uniquely focuses on racial reconciliation within teams because we know that teams are often the most diverse places on campus. By partnering with national organizations like MELD (Multi-Ethnic Leadership Development) and having a former female collegiate-athlete as our National Director, we champion empowering all people under the banner of King Jesus.  No matter what your background, this is a place you can be fully known and fully loved.