Affiliated with the Church in Los Angeles
Religious Director: Stephen Yowell
Student Contact: Carlos Macias Rios
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Christian Students at USC is the outreach ministry of the Church in Los Angeles, historically connected to the missionary efforts of Watchman Nee and Witness Lee. We are a group of simple Christians from diverse backgrounds who love the Lord Jesus Christ and love to dive into His Word. We have many Bible studies on campus, a Sunday morning campus ministry meeting, youth mentoring, and small group fellowship in a home setting.

Stephen Yowell, is the Director of the Christian Student Group at University of Southern California.

Although I grew up in a wonderful Christian family, it wasn’t until ninth grade that I began to develop a more personal relationship with Jesus, realizing that Christ was the true meaning of my life. Upon departing to UCLA for college, I joined Christian Students, where I enjoyed witnessing to fellow students throughout my four years.

After graduating with a B.S. in computer science, the Lord led me to enroll in a 2-year Bible and outreach training program in Anaheim, California. I learned how to study the depths of the Word, practiced mentoring college students, and gained experience in leadership and teamwork. Upon completion of this program, I was blessed with the priceless opportunity to apprentice with a ministry at UT Austin and then return to UCLA as Christian Students full-time staff, where I served for 8 wonderful years.

Along the way, I married my lovely wife and had two healthy sons. In 2008 the Lord called me to USC, where I enjoy interacting with some of the highest caliber students in the country. My current responsibilities include church leadership, ministry outreach across multiple campuses in LA, and organizing regional and national conferences and trainings for college students and staff.