CLICK! Making Meaningful Relationships


Offered by CAMPFIRES @ USC


A program of the USC Office of Religious Life

Connect As Is – Listen First – Investigate – Communicate Kindness – Keep in touch

Instructor:  CAT MOORE – philosopher and community-maker – relationship-enhancement consultant with large organizations in LA – 2005 graduate of USC

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Week 1 – Foundations in Friendship – Our Narratives about Connecting

Our social dimension (interdependence), the necessity and opportunity of Friendship at USC & beyond

Kinds of friendship and the general CLICK process to make friends intentionally

Corduroy – kids’ book on the heart of friendship: being with and for each other as is

Sharing our friendship story, hopes, major obstacle or question + Visualization exercise


Week 2 – CONNECTING – Connectivity Assessment, Strategies & Tactics

Spaces, Networks/Groups, & Event Mapping (identifying easiest usc onramps to connecting)

Awareness of common obstacles to connecting, forming healthy expectations

Engaging pre-existing connections (family, high school friends, etc)

Eye Contact, Smiling, Saying Hey, and Easy Conversation Bridges

Group String Activity: the latency of connections and our capacity to connect with almost anyone


Week 3 – LISTENING & INVESTIGATING – Essential Skills in Connecting Authentically

Ways to Listen + Power of Listening (Urban Confessional Video)

Listening to others, asking questions

Listening to ourselves (engaging our thoughts, emotions, motivations, physical responses)

Assumptions/Expectations + I Saw a Cat book on seeing things through others’ eyes

Drive-Thru Listening Practice in Pairs

Space Assessment 1- Time permitting, visit “highly connective” space: Cafeteria, Library, Classroom


Week 4 – COMMUNICATING KINDNESS – Key Dispositions & Effective Expressions of Care

Verbal, Non-verbal, Digital Communication

Personal Preferences, Contexts & Challenges

Befriending oneself, self-talk

Dealing with fallout, limits & boundaries, intervention, unpredictability, changing relationships well

Space Experiment 1 – Time permitting, Intentional Acts of Kindness in a highly connective space


Week 5 – KEEPING IN TOUCH – Re-Connecting, Deepening Bonds, & Habits for Relating Well

Micro-gestures of Friendliness and Care, Sewing and watering friendship seeds, Trust Bids

Being there for each other during highs and lows and over time

Welcoming/intentionally inviting others into Open Circles/Nests

Intentional Rhythms & Scheduling for Relationships—creating a personal plan

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