Astrology, Tarot, Crystals, & Labyrinths… Oh My!

Alternative Spiritualities Flyer

Welcome to “Astrology, Tarot, Crystals & Labyrinths… Oh My!” at the University of Southern California.

Are you ready to explore the realms of alternative spiritualities? Look no further than “Astrology, Tarot, Crystals & Labyrinths, Oh My!” Whether you’re a seasoned seeker or entirely new to these practices, this program is for you. Join us! Step beyond the ordinary and venture into the fascinating world of these spiritual practices and their origins.

  • Sept 12, 2023 – Astrology
  • Nov 14, 2023 – Tarot and other divination tools
  • Feb 13, 2024 – Crystals and energy healing 
  • Apr 2, 2024 – Labyrinths


♍️Astrology: Unlocking the Cosmic Blueprint (9/12/23, URC 202-B, 7pm)

Discover the celestial language of the stars and planets. Learn how astrology can offer insights into your personality, strengths, and challenges. Explore the connections between cosmic events and human experiences.

🃏Tarot/Oracle: Intuition Unveiled (11/14/23, URC 202-B, 7pm)

Dive into the enigmatic world of tarot and oracle cards and unravel the secrets they hold. Develop your intuition as you explore the symbolism and meanings behind the cards, guiding you towards deeper self-awareness and spiritual wisdom.

💎Crystals: Stones of Power and Healing (2/13/24, URC 202-B, 7pm)

Experience the vibrant energy of crystals and gemstones. Learn about their properties and the ways in which they can enhance your wellbeing, spirituality, and personal growth.

🌀Labyrinths: A Path to Centering (4/2/24, URC 202-B, 7pm)

Embark on a journey of contemplation and mindfulness with labyrinth walking. Unwind your mind, find solace in the winding path, and connect with your inner self as you traverse this ancient symbol of spiritual reflection.

For more info: Robin Mitchell Stroud