A Tapestry of Beliefs, A Community United: By accommodating diverse religious needs, we cultivate a campus environment that celebrates the richness and uniqueness of many faiths

Housing & Dining

USC places an emphasis on cultivating a campus environment that is not only inclusive and respectful but also mindful of the various religious affiliations and spiritual needs of our diverse student body – from offering an array of dietary options to fostering inclusive living-learning communities and ensuring respect for the observance of varied religious holidays. Our goal is to create a culture where each student, irrespective of their faith, feels completely at home and is able to practice and engage with their religious beliefs wholeheartedly.

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USC’s Office for Residential Education is committed to fostering residential communities that respect and honor the religious affiliations of its members, among other things. Students seeking assistance with religious accommodations in campus housing are encouraged to proactively engage with the Office for Residential Education. Its team stands ready to provide support, thoughtful guidance, and practical solutions to ensure your living environment aligns with your faith-based needs.


Did You Know?

  • Some Jewish dietary rules include avoiding pork, shellfish, and combining meat and dairy. During Passover, additional restrictions like avoiding leavened bread are observed.

  • During Lent, some Christians abstain from meat on Fridays or undertake fasting.

  • Muslims avoid pork and alcohol, and some prefer halal meat. During Ramadan, they fast from dawn to dusk.

  • Baháʼís abstain from food and drink from sunrise to sunset during their fasting month.

  • Many Hindu, Buddhist, and Jain students follow a strict vegetarian diet.

USC Hospitality is committed to ensuring that every individual within our community can access a range of dietary options that not only satisfy their nutritional requirements but also honor their faith-based dietary practices, including extensive vegan and vegetarian choices for our Hindu and Jain community members and kosher and halal selections for our Jewish and Muslim members.

During the holy month of Ramadan, USC Hospitality also provides special breakfast boxes for our Muslim students, recognizing the importance of Suhoor during this time.

Campus Dining Serving Halal:

For personalized assistance with religious-based dietary needs or requests for dining accommodations, we invite you to consult with the University’s registered dietician. 


Discover the warmth of community at weekly Shabbat dinners that are hosted by our esteemed Jewish partners in religious life: Hillel and Chabad. The Muslim Student Union also hosts free iftar dinners during Ramadan on both the University Park Campus and the Health Science Campus. And the University Religious Center hosts the Jubilee Café each Tuesday at noon during the school year, which offers a free, fresh vegan meal for students, faculty, and staff.

Open to everyone within the Trojan family, these gatherings offer more than a meal—they are a tapestry of connection, learning, and growth. Immerse yourself in these nurturing communities and revel in a fellowship that joyfully commemorates our beautifully diverse, yet harmoniously unified, shared heritage.