Five Traits of a Trojan

Next series begins March 25, 2020 


Being faithful can simply mean learning to have faith in yourself. Yoga, breathwork, and meditation are practices that support you in your own unique journey. In this introductory class, we will familiarize ourselves with basic yoga postures and learn how to modify them to suit our own needs. Class is open to all levels and will focus on self-acceptance, learning to set small goals, and keeping a sense of humor along the way.


There are few things more exciting than the act of learning. In our second week, we will dive into some details of how the postures work in a safe and effective way. Taking time to learn basic alignment will set up healthy habits for a lifetime of practice. Many of the postures will be repeated for reinforcement, while new postures, breathwork and relaxation will be added.


Yoga teaches us the important skills of learning to pause before reacting, staying calm in a moment of challenge, and learning to trust our instincts. This will be our most physically challenging class as we put together much of what we have learned in a flowing, steady series. We will be rewarded with a long relaxation to restore our energy.


After just a few yoga classes you will already see a difference in your practice: how you move in and out of poses, your sense of grace and agility, along with minor progress in flexibility, balance, and your ability to relax. This class celebrates your courage to try something new. We will build on what we’ve learned, while inviting you to try a few additional poses that might challenge you (in a safe way). 


In the final week, we will re-examine what our own personal ambitions truly are and reflect on how a consistent yoga practice can help support us along the way. This will be a playful class that focuses on community by inviting each student to teach their favorite posture. A closing circle will bring us together in gratitude for what we’ve accomplished and enthusiasm for all that is to come…