Steven L. Lamy

Steven L. LamySteven L. Lamy enters his first year as Director of the School of International Relations, where he is an Associate Professor. Professor Lamy earned his Ph.D. in International Relations and Comparative Studies from the Graduate School of International Studies, University of Denver, in 1980. His areas of expertise include international relations theory, foreign policy analysis, the foreign policies of western advanced industrial states, and curriculum development in international relations. Dr. Lamy has published several monographs and articles in these areas and has edited a book on contemporary international issues. His current work is on the domestic sources of foreign policy in European states.

Dr. Lamy has received twelve awards for excellence in teaching from both his colleagues and his students. In 1993, the Provost appointed him to direct the Center for Excellence in Teaching-the university’s primary faculty development and teaching assistant training program- which he did from 1994-1996. In the fall of 1992, he was awarded honorary membership in USC Mortar Board Honor Society for his contributions to undergraduate education at USC. He has also been honored with the Burlington National Faculty Achievement Award, the USC Associate ward for Excellence in Teaching, the Pi Sigma Alpha Faculty Excellence Aware for 1989-90, and the USC Office of International Student Scholars Outstanding Service to International Students Award for the same year. In 1995, Professor Lamy was nominated by the President of USC for the Case Professor of the Year, sponsored by the Carnegie Foundation.

Dr. Lamy is a regular contributor to major international relations conferences and workshops. He has received over a dozen grants from both private and public sources for research in foreign policy and for program development. He initiated the School of International Relations’ public education program, and directed the Center for Public Education in International Affairs from 1982-1990. Since 1993, he has directed the Teaching International Relations Program (TIRP), which sponsors curriculum development projects, workshops on new teaching techniques and innovations, and outreach programs for secondary school instructors; and he has assisted in several international curriculum development programs, including those in Eastern and Central Europe and in Southern Africa.