Prasad Singamsetty

Director of the Heartfulness Meditation

Prasad Singamsetty, is the Director of the Heartfulness Meditation at USC, and has been a practitioner of Heartfulness meditation for over 30 years and continues to explore the depths of it with passion.

Prasad is a software engineer by profession and currently works for Oracle. He holds a bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering and masters degree in Computer Science.

He is a certified trainer for over 25 years and has been helping individuals around the world to learn this simple and effective practice. As a trainer of Heartfulness Institute, Prasad has travelled over the years to many places in North and South Americas to conduct training programs and workshops to individuals and groups. He sincerely hopes that everyone learns to fine tune with their heart through meditation and master their life.

Prasad worked in India, Denmark, Norway and US in various positions as a software engineer. He currently lives in Los Angeles with his family.