Christian Holy Days

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Christian Assumption of Blessed Virgin Mary – Catholic Christian Aug 15 Aug 15
Christian Dormition of the Theotokos – Orthodox Christian The Orthodox Christian commemoration of the death and burial of the Virgin Mary. Aug 15 Aug 15
Christian Passion of St. John the Baptist – Catholic Christian Christian remembrance of the death of John who is known for preparing the people so they would recognize Jesus as the Messiah. Aug 29 Aug 29
Christian Ecclesiastical year begins – Orthodox Christian The way a Christian Church arranges a calendar of time and sets dates of special importance. Sept 1 Sept 1
Christian Nativity of Mary – Christian A Christian celebration of the birth of the Virgin Mary. Sept 8 Sept 8
Christian Holy Cross Day – Christian A Christian day of recognition for the Cross on which Jesus was crucified as a central symbol of the Christian religion. Sept 14 Sept 14
Christian Meskel – Ethiopian Orthodox Christian Ethiopian and Eritrean Orthodox Christian commemoration of the discovery of the True Cross by Queen Eleni (St. Helena) in the 4th century a.d. Sept 27 Sept 27
Christian Saint Francis Day – Christian Christian recognition of service to people and appreciation of the natural world, as practiced by St. Francis and the Franciscan Monastic Order which he founded. Oct 4 Oct 4
Christian Saint George Day – Christian Christian remembrance of a person who, in the 4th century, was a martyr and became an ideal of martial valor and selflessness. Legend of killing a dragon is connected with this patron saint of England. Oct 23 Oct 23
Christian Reformation Day – Protestant Christian Protestant Christian anniversary of their tradition and its emphasis on the place of the Bible and religious Freedom. On October 31, 1517 c.e. Martin Luther posted a belief statement on Wittenbeg Church door. The date of public observation is the Sunday before October 31. Oct 25 Oct 25
Christian Milvain Bridge Day – Christian Christian day of solemn reflection on the relationship of the spiritual community and the powers of civil government. On October 28, 312 c.e., Emperor Constantine prevailed in a battle and proceeded to make Christianity the legal religion of the Roman Empire. Oct 28 Oct 28
Christian All Hallow’s Eve – Christian Christian celebration of mystery combining prayers and merriment involving children and families. It is a prelude to All Saint’s Day. Oct 31 Oct 31
Christian All Saints Day – Christian Christian day for honoring saints, known and unknown. In general, saints are persons with a reputation for unusual lives of holiness and devotion to God or who were martyred for their faith. A Holy Day of Obligation in the Roman Catholic Church where saints have special formal status. Nov 1 Nov 1
Christian All Souls Day – Catholic Christian Christian day of prayers of remembrance and intercession for the dead. Prayers of the faithful are seen as helping to cleanse the souls for the beatific vision of God in heaven. Nov 2 Nov 2
Nativity Fast Begins – Orthodox Christian Nov 15 Nov 15
Christian Christ the King – Christian Christian celebration of the preeminence of Jesus over all earthly authorities. Nov 22 Nov 22
Christian Advent – Christian Christian time of preparation for observing the birth of Jesus Christ. Advent begins on the Sunday nearest November 30 and is the beginning of the Christian worship year. Advent is observed with the lighting of advent candles, display of wreaths, and special ceremonies. Advent also anticipates the coming again to earth of Jesus Christ. The season continues through December 24. Nov 29 Nov 29
Christian Saint Andrew’s Day – Christian Nov 30 Nov 30
Christian Saint Nicholas Day – Christian Christian celebration of the birth of Saint Nicholas, patron saint of children and role model for gift giving. Many churches are named for this saint who is also the Dutch version of Santa Claus. Dec 6 Dec 6
 Christian Immaculate – Catholic Christian Catholic Christian day of celebrating the belief that Mary, mother of Jesus, was peserved from original sin all of her life. A day of obligation and required church attendance. Dec 8 Dec 8
 Christian Feast of our Lady of Guadalupe – Catholic Christian Catholic Christian honoring of a legendary appearance of the Virgin Mary near Mexico City in 1531 c.e. Dec 12 Dec 12
Christian Posadas Navidenas – Christian Hispanic Christian feast of the Lodgings commemorating the journey of Mary and Joseph to Bethlehem in preparation for the birth of Jesus. Dec 16 – 25 Dec 16 – 25
Christian Yule – Christian A Norse Pagan celebration of the winter-born king, symbolized by the rebirth of the sun. A present day Wicca event. Dec 21 Dec 21
Nativity Fast Ends – Orthodox Christian Dec 24 Dec 24
Christian Christmas Eve – Christian Christian celebration of the arrival of Mary and Joseph in Bethlehem for the birth of Jesus. It is observed with worship, candle-lighting, manager scenes and festive meals. Dec 24 Dec 24
 Christian Christmas – Christian Christian celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. Observed by prayers, exchanging of gifts, and family parties. Dec 25 Dec 25
Christian St. Stephen’s Day – Christian A day of remembrance of St Stephen, the first Christian martyr. Dec 26 Dec 26
 Christian Holy Innocents – Christian Christian day of solemn memory of male children killed by King Herod in the attempt to destroy Jesus. Dec 28 Dec 28
Christian Feast of the Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God – Catholic Christian A celebration of the holiness of Mary as the chosen bearer of Jesus. Jan 1 Jan 1
Christian Epiphany – Christian End of the 12 days of Christmas; celebrates visit of the three kings to baby Jesus; especially important to Eastern Orthodox and Roman Catholics. Jan 6 Jan 6
Christian Clean Monday (Lent Begins) – Orthodox Christian Period of preparation for Easter, usually 40 days before. Clean Monday signifies the beginning of the Lenten period. Mar 7 Mar 7
Christian Ash Wednesday (Lent Begins) – Christian Begins Christian Lent; name derives from symbolic use of ashes to signify penitence. Mar 2 Mar 2
St. Valentine’s Day – Christian Catholic – Interfaith USA Feb 14 Feb 14
Christian St. Patrick’s Day – Catholic Christian Mar 17 Mar 17
Christian Palm Sunday – Christian Celebrates the arrival of Jesus into Jerusalem during Passover. Usually reenacted by the waving of palm branches and the singing of songs. This also commemorates the beginning of Holy Week. Mar 10 April 10
Christian Maundy Thursday – Christian Also known as Holy Thursday, this day celebrates the institution of the Eucharist (or Holy Communion) at Jesus’ Last Supper. April 14 April 14
Christian Good Friday – Christian The Friday of Jesus’ crucifixion. April 15 April 15
Christian Easter – Christian Celebration of the resurrection of Christ. April 17 April 17
Christian Easter – Orthodox Christian Celebration of the resurrection of Christ. April 24 April 24
Christian Ascension Day – Christian Celebrates Jesus’ ascent into heaven. May 26 May 26
Christian Pentecost – Christian Fifty days after Easter, this time celebrates the descent of the Holy Spirit upon early Christians following the ascension of Jesus. June 5
Christian Trinity Sunday – Protestant Christian June 12 June 12
Christian Corpus Christi – Catholic Christian This is a feast in honor of the institution of the Eucharist during the Last Supper. June 16 June 16