Jain Holy Days

Symbols via Noun Project

Zoroastrian & Pagan – Pierre TORET
Jain – André Luiz Gollo
Islam – anbileru adaleru
Christian – Nick Kinling
Buddhist – Rene Ramsey-Passmore

 HolidayFall 2023 Spring 2024Fall 2024 Spring 2025

Paryushana Parva – Jain

Jain 8 day fesitval signifying human emergence into a new world of spiritual and moral refinement. Marked by recitations from Jain sacred writing and family exchange of cards and letters. Celebration of the natural qualities of the soul. The 8th day (Samvatsari) is most important and is focused on forgiveness.

Sep 11-18, 2023Aug 30-Sep 6, 2024

Diwali – Hindu – Jain – Sikh

Hindu Festival of Lights symbolizing the human urge to move toward the light. Gift exchanges, fireworks and festive meals.

Nov 12, 2023Nov 1, 2024

Jain New Year

The day after Diwali marks the Jain New Year, celebrating new beginnings

Nov 13, 2023Nov 2, 2024