Jewish Holy Days

Symbols via Noun Project

Zoroastrian & Pagan – Pierre TORET
Jain – André Luiz Gollo
Islam – anbileru adaleru
Christian – Nick Kinling
Buddhist – Rene Ramsey-Passmore

  Holiday ’21/’22 ’22/’23
 Jewish Tisha B’av – Jewish A day of mourning and repentance in remembrance of the destruction of the First and Second Temples in Jerusalem. July 18 Aug 7
 Jewish Rosh Hashanah – Jewish Jewish New Year. Begins at sundown. A time of introspection, abstinence, prayer and penitence. The story of Abraham is read, the ram’s horn is sounded, and special foods are prepared and shared. Sept 6 – 8 Sept 26 – 27
Jewish Yom Kippur – Jewish Begins at sundown. Jewish Day of Atonement. The holiest day of the Jewish year is observed with strict fasting and ceremonial repentance. Sept 16 Oct 5
Jewish Sukkot – Jewish Begins at sundown. Jewish Feast of Tabernacles which celebrates the harvest and protection of the people of Israel as they wandered in the wilderness dwelling in tents. Temporary dwelling places have leaves for a roof so the sky can be seen. In temperate climates, night is spent in the Succoth. Sept 20 – Sept 27 Oct 10 – Oct 11
Jewish Shemini Atzeret – Jewish Begins at sundown. Jewish completion of the annual cycle of reading of the Torah Sept 27 Oct 17
Jewish Simchat Torah – Jewish Begins at sundown. Jewish day to celebrate the reading of the law. Synagogue services involve readings, processions and blessing of the children. Sept 28 Oct 18
Jewish Hanukkah – Judaism Jewish festival of lights. It commemorates the Maccabean recapture and rededication of the Jerusalem Temple in 165-164 b.c.e. Special readings and praise songs focus on liberty and freedom. The eight candle Menorah is lighted. Begins at sundown. Nov 28 – Dec 6 Dec 18 – 26
Jewish Purim – Jewish Feast of Lots; celebrates deliverance of Jews of ancient Persians froma plot to destroy them. Mar 16 Mar 16
Jewish Pesach (Passover) – Jewish Marks the deliverance of the Jews from slavery in Egypt; “Seder” ceremonies emphasize the concept of freedom. April 15 – 23 April 15 – 23
Jewish Yom Ha-Sho’ah – Jewish April 27 April 27
Jewish Shavuot – Jewish Festival of Weeks; celebrates harvest of first fruits and commemorates the giving of the Torah and Commandments at Mt’ Sinai. June 4 June 5