Pagan/Wicca Holy Days

Symbols via Noun Project

Zoroastrian & Pagan – Pierre TORET
Jain – André Luiz Gollo
Islam – anbileru adaleru
Christian – Nick Kinling
Buddhist – Rene Ramsey-Passmore

  Holiday ’21/’22 ’22/’23
pagan Mabon – Wicca/Pagan Wicca observance of the autumnal equinox when day and night are of equal length. A harvest festival time. Sept 22 Sept 22
pagan Samhain – Beltane – Pagan/Wicca Wicca celebration of endings and beginnings and of remembering the dead. Revering of elders is also observed. Begins at sundown. Nov 1 Nov 1
pagan Yule – Wicca/Pagan The festival of the winter-solstice Dec 21 Dec 21
pagan Summer Solstice – Pagan/Wicca June 21 June 21