Hindu Holy Days

Symbols via Noun Project

Zoroastrian & Pagan – Pierre TORET
Jain – André Luiz Gollo
Islam – anbileru adaleru
Christian – Nick Kinling
Buddhist – Rene Ramsey-Passmore

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Raksha Bandhan – Hindu

Hindu festival honoring the loving ties between brothers and sisters in a family.

Aug 30, 2023Aug 19, 2024

Krishna Janmashtami – Hindu

Hindu commemoration of the birth of Krishna – the 8th incarnation of the god Vishnu who took the form of Krishna to destroy the evil king Kansa.

Sept 6, 2023Aug 26, 2024

Navaratri – Hindu

Hindu Festival of the divine mother honoring Durga, wife of Shiva, and seeking her blessings. Also observed as a celebration recalling the days of Lord Krishna.

Oct 15-23, 2023Oct 3-11, 2024

Dasara (Dussehra) – Hindu

Hindu celebration of victory and valor. Lord Rama is remembered as winning a victory over evil.

Oct 24, 2023Oct 12, 2024

Diwali – Hindu – Jain – Sikh

Hindu Festival of Lights symbolizing the human urge to move toward the light. Gift exchanges, fireworks and festive meals.

Nov 12, 2023Nov 1, 2024

Holi – Hindu

Spring festival; a carnival occasion featuring bright colors, pilgrimages and bonfires.

Mar 25, 2024Mar 14, 2025

Baisakhi/Vaisakhi – Hindu – Sikh

Anniversary of the creation of the Khalsa (the army of the Pure Ones) in 1699.

April 13, 2024April 14, 2025