Sikh Holy Days

Symbols via Noun Project

Zoroastrian & Pagan – Pierre TORET
Jain – André Luiz Gollo
Islam – anbileru adaleru
Christian – Nick Kinling
Buddhist – Rene Ramsey-Passmore

  Holiday ’21/’22 ’22/’23
sikh Installation of Scriptures as Guru Granth – Sikh Sikh scriptures, the Adi Granth, are honored as perpetual Guru. Oct 20 Oct 20
sikh Diwali – Hindu – Jain – Sikh Hindu Festival of Lights symbolizing the human urge to move toward the light. Gift exchanges, fireworks and festive meals. Nov 4 Oct 24
sikh Guru Tegh Bahadur Martyrdom – Sikh Sikh time of remembering the execution of Tegh Bahadur by the Moghul Emperor in India. Nov 24 Nov 24
sikh Guru Nanak Dev Sahib birthday – Sikh Sikh honoring of the birth of the first Sikh teacher who lived from 1469 – 1539 c.e. Sacred readings, prayers, hymns, meals together. Nov 19 Nov 7
sikh Birth of Guru Gobind Singh – Sikh Anniversary of the birth of the tenth guru. Jan 5 Jan 5
sikh Maghi – Sikh Commemorates the battle in which 40 Sikhs (the Immortal Ones) laid down their lives for the guru (Guru Gobind Singh). Jan 13 Jan 13
sikh Hola Mohalla – Sikh A day to commemorate the valor and bravery of the Sikhs. This 3-day festival consists of mock battles, music and poetry reading. Mar 18
sikh Baisakhi/Vaisakhi – Hindu – Sikh Anniversary of the creation of the Khalsa (the army of the Pure Ones) in 1699. April 14 April 14
sikh Martyrdom of Guru Arjan Dev – Sikh Anniversary of the martyrdom of Guru Arjan Dev in 1606 C. E., the fifth guru who had built the Golden Temple of Amristar. June 16 Jun 16